In our deli, you can find a great selection of meats and cheeses, click below to see all the choices you can make!

Black Buggy Web Images (2)


Black Buggy Web Images (2)

Boneless Easy Carve Ham $5.69/lb

Ham Off The Bone $5.89/lb

Honey Ham Off The Bone $6.89/lb

Hot Capicola $5.85/lb

Black Forest Ham $7.05/lb

Roast Chicken Breast $6.40/lb

Smoked Turkey Breast $6.45/lb

Honey Turkey Breast $5.89/lb

Pan-Roasted Turkey Breast $6.85/lb

Roast Beef $8.70/lb

Hard Salami $7.80/lb

Sweet Lebanon Bologna $8.25/lb

Regular Lebanon Bologna $8.25/lb

German Bologna $4.50/lb

Canadian Bacon $7.25/lb

Olive Loaf $5.45/lb

Liverwurst $4.30/lb

Corned Beef $6.99/lb

Sandwich Pepperoni $6.55/lb

Dried Beef $14.99/lb




Yellow or White American $3.99/lb

Provolone Cheese $4.30/lb

Hot Pepper Cheese $4.45/lb

Lacey Baby Swiss Cheese $7.40/lb

Smoked Bacon & Black Pepper Cheese $3.90/lb

Mild Yellow Cheddar Cheese $4.49/lb

Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese $5.99/lb

Swiss Cheese $5.45/lb

Muenster Cheese $4.20/lb

Smoked Cheddar Cheese $5.80/lb

Amish Butter Cheese $7.25/lb

Marble Cheese $5.05/lb

Horseradish Cheese $5.75/lb

Italian Cheese $5.80/lb

Pepperjack Cheese $4.15/lb

Jumping Jack Cheese $6.90/lb

Farmers Cheese $6.99/lb

Mozzarella Cheese $4.25/lb